Grand champions monster list

One of the reasons he is so hard is because we can’t even spy on him so to tell what strategy to use so I’ve spent the past 30 minutes finding his full list of monsters Ive only got the names but sadly unless you capture the monster it won’t show them on the monsterdex so no move set yet will try to add more info later.
Demolitron holy, protect killer,sleep killer?,ultranova(kill fast)
Vilegrin earth, dreamhunt
Deucalizon holy, sleep all
Luxking holy, one on one,bloodcrave(hits for 2k to 4k with no kills on it)time strike(kill very very fast)
Celestoise holy, purify,protect team,lux,ultranova,hold ground,stun absorber(this guy will ruin most of your strategys by making stun,sleep,poison and bloodcrave useless)
Nukespider holy, gigalux,400 sec gigabomb,stealth(don’t let him use gigabomb)
Seastead water,megasplash,ultrawave,stun bomb accelerate team(don’t let him use his stun or have stun absorber)
Clocknight holy,attack boast,time strike,giganova,hold ground

Good to do so. Next time you can see the whole team easily with one click on the ‘spy’ buttom before the battle screen, of cuz, all the moves can be seen too~~

We can’t spy on his team. Unless you’re saying that they’re adding the spy feature for the grand four and champion?..

Just finished the game now, the grand champion is not that hard target.

Used a lot of monsters with poison eater, his monsters didn’t stand a chance.

The last battle is hard, (audience by majesty). Needed around 5 times to kill it…