Torus Delgrave of the Grand four

Anyone know how to beat him After beating the first guy I beat the other 2 in one go but now I’m stuck on him my normal sleep+stun+bomb strategy isn’t working because he has a guy at the start with the stun absorb move and he also has purify to remove sleep and I’m force to attack him because he has high speed and uses protect teammate before I can do anything to stop him and he has 5000+ hp and their another guy with protect killer so I can’t even uses a tank at the start so buy the time I’ve beaten his first 4 guys my strategy is a mess from losing to many and the wrong guys it doesn’t help that most of my egg rolls gave me guys with protect, stun and sleep.

I’m having the same problem with Uvestra

She has units with both stun revenge and stunning entrance, as well as monsters capable of wiping out an entire party in one move and ridiculous defense.

Game is so hard.

i used sleep bomb then dream eater then bloodthrist combo and a 400sec bomb with lots of stuns then time strikers with two tanks and making sure the bloodthrist guy doesn’t die.

Also finely got him down turns out my strategy works fine if I use the move that sends them to the back of the party.

Pffoxin , this was he hardest guy for me .
I just used death roulette for luck.