Grand Champion

I need help on ways to defeat the Grand Champion. Any Ideas?

Abuse broken things to beat his OP lineup of mostly ultra evo’d beyond max stat 5 and 6*

Death roulette spam with rhynobrawl and puffoxin

Practically how every F2P player has done it. That and poison eater/massacre, and other critical damage moves.

Do you know if there are any monsters that have poison massacre that you can find in the wild?

Naga can be found in online dungeons, that kraken thing…

Personally, I didn’t use the “spam death roulette” or poison damage. I just set up my monsters accordingly to counter each of his monsters as they appeared. It took some thinking out, but eventually I found out the best attack path to take and every time something went badly, I changed it or moved that part of my lineup. Eventually, I finally got it.

A good strategy. Death Roullete just relies on luck, not strategy.

C’mon guys. I’m a long-time player as well. 80% win ratio or so in master league. My draws have been mediocre epics, and one super epic. No money spent. I transferred cryowyrm, a legendary. Max stats on most, half my epics are evo’d. Using stun bombs, water lineup with support monsters and assisted wave, puffoxin, rhynobrawl, and 4 starters at the lineup end with desperate strike and last stand spam

In the end, I barely beat him after several tries. He’s got little strategy to his ai, he just has monstrous stats, and a huge amount of 5/6*. At the very least, he should follow the rules and be at 100% max stats, not 150%.

Even in the final leagues, the random trainers there have 120-130% standard stats. Only bosses should be allowed to do that, like the temple ones

You can find Nagas lower form sluga on the cursed island in the wild also fire fox and volt Ray have poison massacre but aren’t very good

If you have a bloodfury type skill monster (more damage per kill without hurting yourself, builds up to ridiculous amounts) and a unwanted friend skill monster, you can use those two and tag them with as many healers and protect monsters in the team, also bring along 2 monsters that give turn.

Your only job is to keep the bloodfury monster alive and 1-shot them one by one while giving turn to your only real killer in the team.

Another good combo is to use monsters with the skill “create duplicate” and monsters with “throw” skill; you’ll Sacrify the clones dealing a crit damage.