easiest team to defeat grand champion

I cant believe i defeated grand champion with this self made team. I have many account with high ranks where i am done with all story mode. But this was my new one because i was bored. :joy:.
And i think this is the worst or easiest team that can defeat Grand Champion​:joy::yum:
(Note :- Even Neither of these are awaken nor ultra evolved😂).
How was yours?


nova stun go brrr, it is a mon you get from newcomer banners easily enough if you manage to grind the gems for it

Worst team that can defeat Beritus? No way! You have Shivadragon and Revenarchion in there! Those are very powerful PvE monsters and work even in second form!

I can beat the grand champion with 4 SE easy.

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go get yourself a galvbane.

i already have !

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i mean :sweat_smile: its not 100% to get both moku and Nightrider… but i managed… and those two helped a lot too… ( heal all saved them alot, thats why i have most healing monsters on this deck.)

we’ll i was waiting for that dude that always says that…

on the other hand use revenge monsters they will help you…

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