got ShadowStalker during the Gearhound mission ?

So I was at work yesterday and tried to enter the Gearhound event at 5pm eastern exactly. But the Shadowstalker event was still live. Figured out I forgot to force close the app.

Since I didnt have the time to sit and race anyway since I was at work, I decided to put my phone in sleep mode but didnt close the app until I got home at midnight. Played thru the SS mission and got 7 shadow kit and fused a S rank shadow stalker a week late !!!

My question is, is there any difference between a fused mission monster or the one you get for finishing the online mission quickly?
If not then racing is probably not as necessary as everyone thinks ?

No difference at all actually, congrats! :slight_smile:

There isn’t, but most people don’t get it from eggs. 


I went through all of the levels, got every single egg, and didn’t get a single gearhound. Thats why rushing needs to be done unless you are lucky, and if you are you should be playing the lottery.

Congrats, I was doing the Gearhound mission, needed one more and I ran out of time

Edit: I can get into the Gearhound mission now, hope I find a final one soon