Just a quick question !

I have read the fair practice policy and read other forum posts but I guess im not understanding it or maybe it hasnt been answered.

I won Shadowstalker by achieving the last level in the dungeon and beating the boss.

i tried for gear wolf and it was too late

for the holy guy this time i didnt even try

----Now my question :  I understand i went from 10% for Pool A, and won so that put me in 1% Pool B, Was that for the Gear wolf guy or is that for EVERY single one until the season is over?

i feel like some ones gonna be a donkey butt  and say read the thing but i just need to clarify  


for every single one till the season is over

As Butterfinger said, you are in group B until the end of the season. At the begging of the next season every is placed into group A once more.

People that are in group A stay in group A until they win a grand prize, if ever.

That blows lol

Yep , you’re gonna get a hard time :stuck_out_tongue:

there should be like a intermediate thing like if you win 2. beacuse i dont know how i managed the first time and now im going against people who no life this game… 

i downloaded the game late and i didnt get the chance to play the past online mission , are the mession will start again in the next season ? , and if i win one of the missions , is it possible to win again in the next season

The missions are split up into seasons, each season lasts about ten weeks. After the end of the season, the winners will be reset and everyone will have the same chance to win, again.