Good SE's should be included in rare eggs.

Robin, horror, cryptblade are not in rare eggs,
Really good ones are croc, nereida, wolf, blitz, zephyr, gearhound, !!

Given a lot of players are not happy about rare egg legend roll,

These 3 Should also be included in rare eggs!!

I fully agree with this,at keast hitting the 60% now won’t mean a guaranteed dupe,it could be a great SE that everypalyer needs like horror or chicken

Really guys? They dropped a TON of event SEs into the rare egg already, be grateful for that at least. Those 3 will return on their own eventually.

@luc -_- Bro, the rare egg ratio makes many players unhappy,
There is a pinned thread about rare egg luck & it’s still going on…

Why do you think it is?,

If Devs want to help new players , they should add these 3 as well in rare eggs,!!

I agree with this. 100%

Money guys those SE are gold dont expect one of then on events soon
Btw they will apear on some egg shift soon as you asked for then