How about SE - Special Egg ?

Guys… everyone is missing some SE monsters.
Like me, I miss a few of them too, unfortunately they don’t come again- or maybe just 1 time a year!

So, how about a special egg?
There are rare SEs like :

  • Blitzdragon
  • Serazel
  • Nighthunter
  • Steamhawk
  • Bitterbeast/ Choco (although it’s here in a event now)
  • Searguard
  • Abyssraider
  • Diredemon
  • Firemane
  • Frostrider
  • Phantomaiden
  • Horrorclaw
  • Cryptblade

And so on…

• SE don’t take much cost on your team
• you will learn how to play the monsters that so much players have in PVP
• you will know there move sets
• you can ultraevolve better and easier SE then legendarys- why? You need omegamids for legendarys !

And it would be more fun.

At the moment it feels like we have more legendarys then Epics/ super epics.

Blitzdragon is in the rare egg already.

I agree with this.  Im missing Lord

He he he! Actually we already have this idea and it is on our schedule.

Stay tuned!

We already have a super epic egg. It’s called the rare egg

Don’t be a bad boi Saul.

SAul, it is true :joy: but I’m talking but rare SEs not about every SE