Anniversary Free legendary.

So what you guys got in the anniversary roll? Pretty happy with mine.

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All dupes. And got the bad monster in the featured list.

Then rolled 3 singles

2 legends all dupes

@Mr.X just got this of a rare egg.

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I got chromera as devs gift

I got oni dupe, but i was able to roll at least 3 packs because of this

Thanks for free Delugazar and Bane dupe :call_me_hand:

I couldn’t be more satisfied and lucky lol .
3 legendaries in that pack : delugazar , darkslither and a kamiwyrm.
Thank you so much NM team and devs !!!

:smile: :smile: :smile:

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Thought I got something new and was excited but it was just the dupe glitch ;-; got a gunfish

You’re gonna need those legends when you meet me in the Pokémon league @Ash-Ketchum :100::100::100:

I got this one🙂 dont like the blood price passive skill at all😕

Without it it would be too strong.

Yea thats true but still😂

I got him too. Just use healers and he should be really good

Yep I was really happy when I got him. I am trying to think of a team to use him with🙂

He looks pretty awesome with all his moves with low tu ( 60tu) and make a dark assisted team is not hard at all on those days
Imagine a assisted FL with Him or a perfect TSA without any stun flasher or galvbane

Thank you for this devs.

@NMEGaryOak Please bruh You left Pokemon battles quite a long time ago, because you knew you can’t get on my level. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


We’ll see if you can even get through the Elite 4 to face me in the first place @Ash-Ketchum I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon with that unevolved Mecha :sob:

Go back to Cerulean City boi

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Any of these worth leveling? New guy dying to utilize freebies haha

That holy lion is awesome… make sure you get it trained up and evolved. The other legendary is not so great, but way better than most of the monsters you will have.

The octopus is very handy because it can stun the enemy team lots. The first super epic is an interesting one. You use twin death sentence then try to pass lots of time (either by stunning the enemies or putting them to sleep) then they die and it can use bloodthirst to kill more. You have to build you team around it but you might find it good.

Others are good stuff but not quite so interesting. You’ll see as you evolve them.