Once again...

It’s been a few days since I attempted to purchase some gold in-game and As Jeanette recommended, I checked the app every now and then to see if it just arrived late or. Something. As of yet there has been no gold added to my acc. And when I checked the acc I attempted to purchase it with. It looked as if it had lost money from what I tried to buy. I’m not asking for a refund or any thing, I’m just doing as Jeanette recommended which was to post to bugs if it didn’t appear in a day or two. Just wondering if it’s a glitch or if there is a specific reason as to why it hasn’t appeared.

I read that it said something about you not having a testing account, yes?

Were you a beta tester?

It seems it doesnt work with u and u Should Ask Apple for a refund

Apple is the one that screwed up so I’d get in contact with them and be like what is up with the?

For every purchase , apple sends you a receipt so use that receipt and complain to apple

Yeah a refund link is on that receipt

Okay, thanks again for everything!

But make sure u checked everything because They can be very mad if u got them and Said u didnt

Don’t worry, as I said before, I’m not asking for a refund and am sorry if I am making them look at a problem when there isn’t one.