Give me all the Legendary


So I don’t know if this is the right section to post this, but…

I got 3 legendaries with 50x gems, straight after that I went for a single egg and got another legendary… that’s some luck right there lmao


Nice hatch. I’d love all of those


Nebel is OP now, great hatch

Trust me, I am the best Nebel user in the game


Thanks! I wish I could give one to you, I can’t evolve them all at once


Ralf… My bro… Be happy. You know mostly we’re just old farts talking about those good ol times where we hatched a legend in a week or complaining about some other Bull ■■■■ . Now dupes is our way of life.




That is incredible. Congratulations bro. You just hatched 3 amazingly useful monsters that will find a place on almost any team PvP or PvE. Thats amazing.


I’m new to neo monster. Is this team okay? Some are not ultra evolve though


Tri has stunning entrance. No point him putting him in frontline better off in 5th


Thats cool,and what is the best nebel player in the world opinion about is SS?:yum::grin:


He is pretty good in frontline actually. Back in the days when i had a small amout of legends, ive put him in FL to counter SS and protectors (hes pretty fast). I gave up on the stunning thing but he did a very good job in there (at least for low tier teams). He was my first +9 because of that


Tri is awesome and looks awesome he needs some love


Not worth unlocking @Rctuga

I’m also the best Cosmo user in the world too


Undisputed I might add


Possibly the only Cosmo/Nebel user until just recently @VNM_Katakuri :muscle:


Great pulls dude. I pulled Rexo and Revenant earlier today :slight_smile: