Getting destroyed in pvp

I used to finish in top 500 in last 2 seasons(3 months into the game) and had a good 60 percent win ratio in this one but lost 15 plus matches since then.half of my team gets killed before I get my first turn.pls help

Show us the team you play that’s getting destroyed. Probably better to improve that one than to build you one from scratch.


Overall you don’t use enough stun protection. Get some in the Front line and around 7th or 8th as well. I’d personally remove Gallio, as it’s the only monster which will sleep during the OoO. Blue flutter is a good choice for the accerlerate and Mega bomb. Run Leo (Stun counter) 7th so you don’t have 2 absorbers stunned out.

The Hellfox Shocker Onigeist combo is nice because you can rebirth it for double the stun, and Onigeist can pull it back too.

However for the sake of 40 stun less, you could run a stunner which doesn’t have poison revenge. Either Leobolts 5th evolution or the stunning holy healer. That way you can stun AND sleep, which will help the lock in general and you might find sleep is more effective and less risk.

As an alternative. Pair Hellfox with the shocker and then else where in the team, try pairing Onigeist with the roaring entrance shark and sleep lock. That would be tough for the enemy to manage and gives you a pair of 2 monster nice combos.

In general I think you don’t use protectors enough. Going raw is cool if you have more raw monsters, but i’d maybe add a protector behind Atra and one behind Onigeist just to get them firing.

Thanks will try that but if u can b specific with monster name as I am new and doesn’t know their ability that much,it will help me alot

Frog is immovable right

I don’t remember all the names sorry.

Atra = Atrahasis.
Leo = 3rd on your first picture
Blue flutter = 13th on your second picture
Leobolts 5th evo = 2 spaces after blue flutter
I edited to change frog to the shark (16th first pic)

My advice was to amend the first team btw. If you run the second, get Cyclozar in the FL instead of Chronozeros. It’s too slow :blush:


I ask you a question that seems not relevant, did you reach level 100?

Yes I am at 103

Well, from experience and not by another way of being able to prove it, when you reach level 100, it starts to match you with all the possible Pvp players and before you did it with the lowest level, it is what happened to all of me clan. Upon reaching level 100, they begin to destroy xD.
That is why my question of what level you were, I repeat, I cannot verify it, but it happened to all of the clan.

I just faced you. Sorry for that lol


2 wins 6 loss with this one

Don’t run stun 5th. It will rarely work. Also use the 6 star stun converter Leo, not the protector Leo. Protector Leo should be 13th instead of Gallio. Use a Auto protector behind Atra.

Gallio and penguins aren’t effective in high level so take them out.

When you lose your next few games. Note where you begin to lose. Is it the frontline, mid game or end game. Keep me posted.

Also you will be facing harder opponents now.

I’ve been looking in between work so i’ll Have a solid look later.

If I was building from scratch i’d consider running a water link including blue flutter and Cyclo FL with the shielding frog 5th, roaring entrance shark 6th and then the green flutter 7th for a tasty sleep lock. That would be tough to handle particularly with Cyclo’s exit plan and the sharks cannibalise to bring in the green flutter unexpectedly. That’s if I was going from scratch though

Hey man. We just played in PvP so you’re definitely playing the highest level players. Tbh imo OoO isn’t that viable as a FL anymore. There’s a lot of camo, poison and immunity around. I’ve designed a team below which you can try. It might take some tweaking as I haven’t used it but I think it will work.

The FL is waterbased designed to clear some FL monsters early and then have strong follow up with shield and roaring. Canibalise and exit plan to try to get the flutters on at the same time.

  1. Cold heart (water Lion Super epic)
  2. Cyclozar
  3. Blue flutter
  4. Auto protector (epic is fine)
  5. Shielding entrance frog
  6. Roaring entrance shark (with cannibalise)
  7. Green flutter
  8. Lords reign
  9. Leo (Stun counter)
  10. Leo SE evo (stunning and roaring entrance
  11. Onigeist
  12. Mythic Auto protector
  13. Shocker nightlord
  14. Leoronix (protector)
  15. Shocker
  16. Hellfox :fox_face:

Give that a try.

Sure thing

This one not working bro

Then it’s my turn to madhad you !
Earth mythic
Bunker beast
Water snake protector (SE)
Snow mythic
Motor bike shark ( cannibalise snowflakes if u have to )
Frog samurai
Water flutter
Pink flutter
Fire moth
Another give turn or team turn !

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