PVP team building help plz!

Hi everyone, i am sort of a new player.
Playing little over 3 months now
I am following the forum for a while, but this my first thread…
I am terrible at building a team, i just put some powerful mons randomly…
This is my current pvp team:

These are my other mons:

Doesn’t have much success with my current team & my hero rank is 120, So facing strong teams unlike my last pvp which i swept through (under hero rank 100).
Appreciate any help… Sorry if i made any mistakes creating this thread, Cheers! (Sorry for my poor english).

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Your whole team is weak to stun use some of the absorbers

Ok bro


+9 Galvbane
Holy protector lion with Absorber
Captain whisker

Try this one
Change it the way it suits u


Will try tnx

A little over 3 months and dusciyon ! I’m surprised u dint choose nebelronix or shiny tridrakhan :smirk::smirk:

Although I would put skeleviathan in front and Auto protect spam just for trolls…


Lol i was about to buy nebel & saw people regretting that. So tnx to them😂

Sure AP spam FTW😂 just kidding

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am i the only one who noticed this guy have 2 galvbanes?

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Oh f
He also has 2 fire starter SE version

Oh yeah, i with +9 & other for chronozer evolution

Well tnx guys, i made some modifications & won 5/5 not bad😊

What if Chronozerous devour ur +9 Starters

That’s why i am collecting dups, have 2 so far

My streak has just ended by a guy using OoO + thlug FL then dusi, gold, tardigranade.
I was just sitting there watching my team get sleep locked by gold & tardi giving turns.
Any countermeasures for getting sleep locked?

Banedragon, any monsters with toxic entrance

U can’t counter everything with ur team :confused:
But it’s posiible to counter quite a few strat with a single team