Gary Mod Poll

  • Gary should be a mod
  • Gary shouldn’t be a mod

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We all know that the final decision is of the devs and this poll doesn’t matter. It’s just nonsense.
Gary is just a lowly troll


Are you fake Gary Oak ?

Thanks @FennecSilver for bringing to my attention the multiple accounts you have. It’s quite sad to see that @ArcticTheHunter, your main account, has 230 likes from your alt accounts. That’s more than half of your likes coming from alt accounts!

I have no idea why you suddenly made a poll for whether Gary should be made a mod but please do not. He’s been our most prolific trouble maker on the forum, having the most suspensions and having issues with multiple moderators over the years. I do what I can to encourage a good relationship between me and him but he’s definitely not moderator material.

As for you @ArcticTheHunter. I am banning all your alt accounts. Please do not make any new ones or try to abuse the system by giving yourself likes, support or anything else you can think up. Use the forum as it is intended.