So what now? We have 6 mods for 10 people ?

Hello ?

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No one told me they r giving it out for free

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Yup it’s 6 now (KD, Lucrayzor, Sherlock, Anxag, Dracarys, Exu)

VKC said how the playerbase has doubled in the last few months and when you look at the forum stats it’s very noticeable with the large rise in activity. I’m very happy to have more people keeping an eye on things here and making sure it stays a good environment for everyone to discuss the game.

In the long past we had about 4 moderators when the forum had something like 1/5 of the activity or less.

Full disclosure, I also agree 6 is excessive. However, I think everyone selected will be excellent moderators. It means there is no strain on any particular one and they can easily take breaks when their life gets busy while there is still good moderator presence here.


Thanks bro! Sorry if I made you do the dirty work

Even 4 is huge number . I mean , there is always a natural resistance between users n mods . Now , the users have more people to hate now .

U were doing a good job already . This is sudden lol .

Also I don’t like this at all cos when sherlock became mod , i and him never had a similar relation after that .

Ohhh, so that’s it! I was actually trying to understand what you meant, I’m slow like that.

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@DMGInterference @DevilsMisfortune please, some respect

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What happened to GuessWhosBack and Zardecil?

Guess is sherlock . Zard lost his neo acc

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You either say “please” or delete my posts. The two don’t really work together champ.

Smugsmodia vibes


You’re seeing things.

I deleted cause it was out of topic and too disrespectful. “Please” is for you to not do it again : )

I’ve always looked at them as fellow players . This sudden change is too much lol . It was difficult to get used to the fact sherlock could ban hammer me anytime he wants . And now this

Just don’t be homophobic and you’re fine

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I indeed am the CEO of Homophobia, fool!

Lol it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re all still the same people. I was just as annoying to some before I became a moderator :wink: Thanks for the approval of what I’ve been doing though.


We always appreciate the people who make this community as safe and peaceful as it is. This forum is night and day with the less regulated forums, and we have the mods to thank for that

@Professor_Oak It almost feels like you’re my child and I’ve brought a new daddy home with the way you’re reacting :wink:


Perhaps. Now there r gonna be more people deleting all fun posts .

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