Game crashes on start up

So as of this morning my game is crashing on load up jist great

Back-up ur save file trough iCloud and redownload the app

Was your iPod music running?

I used ifile to save my file elsewhere and redownloaded. And no sorry dont really listen to my music and i closed all apps

Hm… strange. Well, good thing for backups, though I didn’t think a total redownload would be necessary unless it does it again. Maybe reboot your entire device next time it happens.

Tried rebooting. Didnt want to have the hassle of plugging into laptop and everything due to have jailbreak lol. Ps i dont use it on my games its for all the tweaks

It’s not crashing anymore, is it? 

And yeah, I feel you. I don’t have a jailbroken phone but I did have to install a lot of stuff to get ONE program working, and it wasn’t worth it. Never doing that again

Nope not crashing anymore thankfully

Ah, that’s great to hear. ^^

Glad ur problem is solved:D