Neo Monsters is crashing

My game crashes pretty much EVERY time I battle online! Been happening for a number of months now.Any suggestions to fix this?

How old is your phone?

It’s an iPod 5 on iOS 9.5

Or so many install app on your phone.? It could be a reason

No that doesn’t seem to be it.

Should I try uninstalling the app and installing again?

Or is this something I should take to the devs?

Might be your internet

My internet seems to be fine…

Try plugging in with an Ethernet cable

Z19 GaryOak

Don’t think I can do that with a mobile device?

K I even deleted and downloaded, same problem,

seems that memory or its lack thereof may be causing the crash.

try hard rebooting the device before playing the game.

Also did the game run without crashing prior to that?

Yeah it did
Now for story mode ( ep.XV) I’m getting far as tapping the location of the battle the it crashes

Hard reboot doesn’t work

By crash, do you mean it takes you to homescreen of device?(If so then,maybe you can try factory reset or remove apps which take a lot of space.That might just work.)

Or just homescreen of game(If that’s the case it IS your Internet connection which is faulty)

If game crash when you use certain section(Internet connection is the problem)
crash on opening(It may happen if you have enterprise signed app)
That pretty much covers it.If you still have problems;Ask Devs.

Not with that attitude you can’t

Z19 GaryOak

:slight_smile: it crashes and takes me to the homescreen of my device. mostly crashes for whatever online stuff i play

and i already deleted most of the apps

so how do i contact the devs?

How do I contact the Devs?New at this

There is option in game.
“Contact us”.
It’s pretty hard to miss!
just above cumulative rewards.