Game crashes in the inf. dungeon.

   At first i thought it was my phone, I’d close all my apps, relaunch the game and carry on. Tonight I was aiming for the checkpoint on floor 1848, starting from 1763. It crashed when i was on 1797, so i closed all my apps, relauched the game and continued. It then again crashed on floor 1791, this time i got annoyed and performed a hard reset on my iphone, relaunched the game and continued. Well just a few minutes ago i got back up to floor 1790 and it crashed again. I’m starting to believe the problem isn’t coming from my phone.

I’m just curious, does this happen to anyone else? the game never crashed when i was going through the story, or even when i’m catching/training, the only time it’s ever crashed is when i’m in the dungeon. Does anybody have any suggestions on how i could possibly stop this from happening?

By the way I play this game on an Iphone 4, and have IOS 6.1.3

That could be why but idk, I have heard of this problem

It’s happened to me, and a couple of others have posted about it as well. You have to just keep trying and you’ll get through eventually.

edit: BTW I’m running a fully updated 5s so it’s probably not the hardware your running.

You said to me on chat it was floor 60 nop ? You never encounter this before ?

edit : wasn’t you in the chat but I meet someone with the same bug today in chat stuck on lvl 60 in ID :wink: cannot remember who

oh that was me, I didn’t mean i was on floor 60, i meant i had 60ish floors to go to reach the next checkpoint lol.

Honestly, i think the ios 6.1.3 version has crashing problems, because im on the same ios and did everything you did aswell, and my game still crashes (Not in id, but literally ANYWHERE when a wild ark battle initiates. Strangely not on missions though which has me kinda confused)

Ps by missions I mean quests, not om dungeons because it still crashes occasionally when a battle starts (not as often as the single player world though)

I have had my fair share of ID crashes as well. It has happened at random only there for me since the start. Mostly it seams to happen right before a checkpoint or right after a boss, but that could just be a coincidence.