Gaiawyrm question


I’m not sure where to put this, 

But I’m up to the quest where I have to beat Gaiawyrm, and…he’s killing my whole team. I have:

lv 43 Stegotops (B ) , lv 40 Flamogun(A), lv 43 Halopard(A), lv 39 Narlance(A), lv 40 Beowulf(S), lv 39 Spooker (B ), lv 41 Mammut (A), lv 43 Blazewing (S), lv 40 Tidalwhale (A), lv 42 Raptorex (C ), lv 44 Voltiger (B ), lv 40 Bouldon (S), bunch of low level arks to fill space, lv 49 Thunderback (A).

So my strategy is to use guardian on Stegotops, use haste with Halopard and just use Dragonbane with Flamogun. As final resort, use Last Stand with Thunderback. Now, the reason this isn’t working is because after each attack he’s getting 5 bonus attacks and destroys my Flamogun after only 2 Dragonbanes :frowning: I can’t even get Land Stand once because he just keeps getting bonus attacks.

I’m wondering if this 100% bonus attack is meant to be legit with this particular guy, or is this a bug? Especially since I hardly ever get bonus attacks.  

Also, any tips on my party and setup? I’m not an expert at this game so any feedback is appreciated. 

Include guys with stun skin like Gremknight or Kentucky. When they die, the stun skin will end bonus attack chains immediately.

Alternatively, you could leave it for the moment and come back later.

when i had to vs them they got so much bonus but i lvled all my arkadonsto like lvl 50 or 60 before i whent on to vs them

Yeah, I would say just overlevel or just come back later in the game.

Alright, I did it! I placed Kentucky in 4th place and used Stun Gift as soon as he killed my Flamegun. That gave me enough time to take him down by alot. The stun definitely helped out, I killed him as he demolished about half of my team. As emergency I also had chopperbug 2nd last before Thunderback :wink:

Thanks alot guys (still wondering about that near 100% bonus attacks though).

It’s not a bug. They programmed it to have a ton of bonus actions because, well, they’re bosses, ya know? x> Stun/Leveling is usually the way to go when fighting these kind of bosses.

Just get tons of flashbombs and then timestrike. One hit KO.

One hit KO would be nice. :o


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