Fun little idea

Hey guys! So I started a new file the other day and I was really enjoying running through the story again and reobtaining the first ones. I could actually use good ol’ Zephys in battle once again! :smiley:

Anyway, this got me to thinking how once you get to the end of the game the only First Ones worth using are really just Tiamat and Deucalion. This is a shame seeing as how they are such a major factor in the game.

So my idea is this. How bout once you have beaten the game you implement a way to increase the power of your other First Ones? It could be a series of end game side quests, that can only start after you have

A. Beaten the game

B. Gotten that particular First One to grade S. ( This would give you a reason to use them as well)

After you have met these prerequisites, you will be contacted by that First One or Casper. (Whichever yall prefer) You will then be informed that they have slumbered for long enough and have regained their full or true power. In each First One’s particular way it will then send you on a mission ultimately requesting or leading you to have a rematch with it.

Now you could just make the First Ones way stronger, harder to beat, and keep them how they are, or you could also give them an entirely new form to go with their full power/ true form.

Once you have beaten them then you would either receive an upgraded version of them at their full power instead of just a fraction of their strength or if you decide to make new forms for them then you would receive their “true form.” In either case you would have to re- rank them all up. You could implement this for all of the First Ones except for maybe Tiamat and Deucalion as they are powerful enough as is. My idea is really just to make all of them useful again.

As an added bonus depending on what you guys think, after you have gone through and mastered every First One and gotten their upgraded versions to rank S you could make it so that we can receive them as playable monsters like in DIB or you could make it so that we could actually pick their moves after we summon them. (This would of course be limited to solo play only and not usable in the infinite dungeon)

This is just a fun little idea that I came up with that I think would be fun to see and give some new life to the end game and under-appreciated First Ones. :wacko:  Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think! Any suggestions would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sounds cool! I rarely, if ever, use my First Ones, I’d definitrly like to see them have more of a role in post-game play!

sounds like a good idea. But if you beat the game what would be the use to use any of them anywhere? Because there no more hard bosses to fight and you don’t need them for farming to to kill arks. I suppose Inf dung it would be useful in but besides that not really

When they expand the game. Thats reason to need them lol

Very true. I rarely used the First Ones my first play through honestly but I still think they are fun to use. This would benefit people that do rely on them though and whenever there is a content update they could be useful then! I mainly think it would be fun to fight them again / give them new forms :slight_smile:

Love the idea! looking forward to the next update, as it seems like this game has good developers who listen and respond to their community :slight_smile: That’s a refreshing change of pace

I agree! The dev’s involvement with the community is one of the main reasons I love this game so much :slight_smile:

I have a question:

When your character glows and you click on him, there’s a rank next to each first one, do you know what it means? Because my Vulcarex is S- but when I click on his portrait he still appears E grade…I cannot figure this out!

That just indicates their stats while the E means the percentage of getting a bonus action.
Also the idea would work if you could reset the game keeping everything but all the missions are harder. What you think

I like this idea. It would be fun…even though they suck :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean it indicates their stats? My vulcarex was level 99 long before it was S- grade (it’s S+ now). His stats haven’t changed one bit since he hit 99 I think (at least not his HP).

How do you even level the first ones

 Just keep summoning them to rank them up. I didn’t even know they had levels separate from rank honestly haha, I rarely used the First Ones anyway though.

100 percent agree :wink: I just think it could be a fun excuse to add on to the game.

The First Ones don’t really… suck. They add an entire turn to your team, and if they are powerful enough, can turn the tide of an entire battle. I’ve had these battles before… er, speaking from a PvE person. xP

I have a fondness for First Ones (especially Sir Hugsalot, AKA Dahag, even if he so rudely eats my end-of-line arkadions) so I am all for this idea.

Ahaha Dahag is precious :wink:

I like ur idea of the first ones getting a different look or form after beating them almost like their evolution or true form

Thanks ^^ 

I think that would be a big crowd pleaser and motivator as it would just be neat to see all of their true/ evolved forms

I totally would spend more time trying to increase the grade of my first ones. I forget they even exist half the time. :smiley:

^ Heh I do the same lol that’s kinda what me think of this. Honestly I would welcome any additional solo play content and be happy though