Front line up PvP

Who would you attack first.
Just wondered cause I couldn’t decide.

Gremknight is usually the most threatening, with Knockback.
His Stunskin only hits one ark, though.
I’d kill him first, then Raioh, then Bug. Or if your team is susceptible to a Scramble, Grem, then Bug, then Raioh.

I’m assuming you tripled posted on accident so I just deleted the extras

But Bjorhyn is correct in the order you should focus on

I would just banish if you have vortexor.

But what i use to do is i had three powerful aoe arks in front, but weren’t incredibly important to the lineup, and just aoe. If you lose those three, no big deal because they aren’t as good. I used to do frillz goldenhorn and volcawolf, just aoe it.

There’s really no sense in killin just one (exception being gremknight). If you kill only one, all three are stunned. Then you need to kill the other eventualy, and you hve three different arks stunned. So if you don’t have vortexor, my suggestion is the above.