Need help with my line-up

My current lineup is metallodious, chopperbug, luxknight, angelon, arkwing, barricadus, raijin, voltiger, stegospike. Plasmorex, nilomoth, pegasion, gaiawyrm, soltusk, don penguini.

I also have most of the -rex’s, fireheart, nilox, vulcaraptor, shadowlance, gremknight, and other, less powerful arks, any suggestions, advice?

*Calls for Milk and Tiberius* We needs Pvp halps!

Alright guess I’ll start from top to bottom.

First I think that pegasion would be a better choice to be in the starting three rather than near the back. One of its moves sendback lets you send one of your own arks back to the end of your lineup. Since you have metalodious and chopperbug in the front neither of the two can offer any strong damage (though chopperbug has potential with timestrike) so your opponent can occasionally choose to ignore the two and go after the third ark thats out (though ignoring metalodious isnt all that possible since it has decoy), pegasion is there to sendback chopperbug or metalodious to make room for another heavy hitting ark of yours. In one of tiberius’s strategies he had chopper, metalodious, and arkwing as the starting lineup. That would work fine to and just put pegasion after that and then luxknight.

Id probably move angelon and raijin to the back a little to support penguini.

I would probably replace voltiger with gremknight because gremknight also has timestrike to take advantage of stegospikes stuns but also has haste to speed up itself and stegospike and it also has stun skin which is a good ability. Otherwise, yeah have barricadus protect stego and gremknight/voltiger.

I would replace gaiawyrm with omegawyrm unless you just put there becuase you needed an earth ark in which case… Idk there arent that many good earth arks catchable in game. Maybe tremorback would be a better earth ark but idk. If you get a vegitiger, then Id replace gaiwyrm with it in a heartbeat. But otherwise, get omega.

Soltusk is bad, nuff said.

I would try to get another guardian user to protect plasmo as it will die easily to any single target holy attack.

Finally put angelon and raijin before penguini. No one is stupid enough to let penguini be the last ark on your team to let him showdown them to death. Thats why when the opportunity arises, you have raijin to flashbomb and angelon to haste and and sacrifice itself so that penguini can showdown.

Thanks man! Gaia is the only wyrm I have currently. I really need to get farming for those.

Np and yeah you should definitely get those other wyrms.