Friend requests

Anyone having this issue? Lately I was getting spammed with friend requests from some newly created accounts. I rejected all those but it came back after my next log in and it has been repeating for more than 3 times and getting pretty annoying. @Dev_VKC


Yes it happens to all of us without getting friend chest points

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Same thing happening to me.

I thought I was just going through my popular phase.


same with me

Yes me too.
I rejected more than 150 friend requests and there are fifty others. Only one was worth accepting.

I even though that maybe I have shared my friend code and some super noobs took it

I’ve more friend requests but unfortunately not that many gems

Me too. And the same issue happens to some of my friends.

What’s your friend code ?

Same here

what is bad with that?
new players want to friend u guys to use ur shared monsters so they can win online ez and u guys gain friend points from it
both sides win. why complain?


Wow even glitches do their best to deny me friends. I only got one or 2


I got like 4 as well. I thought it was a bit odd

There is nothing bad about it, but the problem is their are only 50 slots for friends and recently alot of friend requests showed up It’s Impossible to accept all these request until the solts are increased, maybe It’s a glitch or something but recently too many friend request showed up.

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The glitch would be that he showed up in low ranks. (not Bagroah fault btw) because if u are a new player and saw somone sharing a fully awaknened mythic. why would u not choose it.

I also noticed his profile in the low ranks. I have a couple of new friends playing the game asking me about if he was using mod or not.

There is currently a flash sale on the game on Android. Maybe there’s a bunch of new people coming into the game and it’s recommending to them all to add people as friends?

I am not sure about that but can u pls explain why suddenly Top level acc appear on the choosing monster friends to low level acc?
did the devs do that?

How can anyone add you as a friend without giving you 5 friend chest points?