So I went to play the online battles and all of my friends are gone and all I’m offered is a bunch of level 1 monsters? Did this happen to anybody else???

My friend list still shows them but nobody is showing up for me on the online battles?

You can use a friends monster support only once until he/she fights again in a pvp battle. Look at your friends list and watch their last battle time. I for myself delete players which are inactive for more than one month, otherwise my list would be full of inactive players.

Level of the support monsters shown before a battle depends on your own level, so if you want better
supporters you need to level up (by completing the online missions, etc.)

It’s showing me all level 1 monsters? And I’m like level 78?

I’m facing this too. Seems to be a temporary glitch or something.

Just tested it and same for me, seems to be the same glitch they had last year.

Thinking of the update they just rolled out to fix a friends list issue, there must’ve
gone something wrong.

We have to wait until they fix this (again).

Just gotta wait and be patient. Gem(s) on the way~

Unfortunately, no gem.

We got a gem they sent one out

Pretty sure the gem that was sent out was for another issue right before this one concerning no friends showing up for selection before an online mission. So yeah I guess no gem this time unless they give it out later.

Msg the devs as the last gem was for the glitch
And tell them that it’s a problem with the friend list

Yea I had the same issue yesterday but it has since been fixed and my old friend list is back. I think it had something to do with them fixing the glitch where that message stayed on the screen even while you battled