Little problem

Hi, most of you might know me and if you think is something like being banned or losing my account well is not that. that being clear here is the problem:

So when i started playing i didnt got friend requests, I didnt really cared much but then a friend installed the game and with a super epic got alot of friend request like in a day (in that time a shared a lavaronix), then i realised that i didnt recieved friend request when someone choses me.
I didnt care until now that i am in need of some gems and also want to know what is causing this.

Long story short i wont recieve a friend request if you chose me as a random player. (If you put my code i will recieve it)

it was for me the same but i dont really care :smiley: but why gems u dont get gems from friends

a bigger problem for me is that i cant choose my friends when im entering a battle i can only choose some random guys with first evolutions of their monsters

Well maybe devs will give me 1 gem for the problem

Gems to get it patched, I think he means.

yeah i dont think i dont got any request from when I began to play 6 months ago only after I posted my code here

45298929 by the way :wink:

While we’re on the topic of friend selecting, mine’s acting up in a different way. None of my friends are appearing in the friend select menu, only the random tiny people that usually come after friends.(there are like 6 pages of Chronoxes btw  :o ) So, server issues I assume?

I have exactly the same, so imagine so

Same problem here.

Same with me.

Yup same here.

Same problem, isn’t it the purpose of adding friends is to help on missions? It keeps giving us random players and on my experience, there’s also a time that no friends is on the list or can’t select friends to accompany me instead, use the previous one I selected. Also that players sharing chronox is over 5 pages, strange.

All the friends on my friend’s list stop playing all of a sudden…Is this for real? Or is there a bug or something on the friend’s list? I have to choose new friends and most of them are showing Chronox as their potrait…><"

So perhaps it’s server wide? as Im also experiencing the same thing for a couple of days already. Apparently, the log in time for friends is not updating so they dont appear when you do missions.

Free gems coming. $$$$$

same here :raising_hand_woman:

List is glitched atm

I think those guys are hackers - I’ve seen a lot of them with 6 star monsters ultra evo’d without full speed.