Friend Points

This is not a new topic but I don’t want to necro an old thread.

Can we get options or a shop for using friend points?

Like 400 is a youth fruit, 800 is a super youth fruit, 1000 is a gem, 1200 is epic potion, 2000 super epic potion, 2500 crystal mouth, 3000 rare gem, 4000 5 gems, 5000 rare ingredient, 7500 legendary potion, and 10000 is ocarino.

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I would be ALL OVER that legend potion ratio.

Haha well that seems unattainable at my level but if the devs need it to be higher then fine. I just don’t think friend points for youth fruits is a worthwhile trade. Altho I do recognize that anything for essentially nothing is better than nothing for nothing.

Yeah, I’ve been playing for two months now and have saved up over 50,000 FP. I don’t see a point of spending them on fruits since most of my legends are fully evolved. 

At least allow us to change friend points I to silver ifgiving pots and gems for it is too much

All of your considerations are heard, & we will still not imply those coz it will make game better.

Man if that comment doesnt work nothing wil devs are always going on anout how they want to make game better but honestly they’re making it better for themselves by making sure players spennd more and more

To be fair the devs have made a great game, they run events all the time now, and they don’t make us watch ads. You can also play for hours without having to pay a dime, so long as your tickets refresh. I have really enjoyed the game and they’ve made something to rival classic Pkmn.

That said, it would be a tremendous improvement without a detriment in any way to their bottom line to make friend points worth more. I bet its just such a minor part of the game that they don’t want to divert their time to programming that.

I do understand the frustration with egg hatching, as the leg odds are abysmal. Especially when gems cost so much. 10-20-70 L-SE-E odds would be much better for customer satisfaction and really wouldn’t impact their bottom line that much. Heck, I would be more inclined to spend if a 10 pack statistically almost guaranteed a leg. As it is they’ll never get another dime from me on gems after paying for 2 dupe super epics, 4 dupe epics, and 1 new SE and 3 new Epics in a 10pk. But that’s getting away from the point of this thread.

Please add new rewards for friend points!