OM multiple attempts?

Finished the OM. Didn’t get the ark that I was so excited about. Is it possible to start over for another chance at the reward?

For this mission, nope. You can always buy mission eggs and try, however!

Anyone know the percentage chances on mission eggs? Seems like I may have to miss out on this one. Not cool.

There really are no percentage chances for eggs, just depends on your luck

That said, they are releasing the arks after this season so I wouldn’t be too concerned with not getting it

If you land on fever, very high chance of you getting samuraice.

I didn’t got it either because i was at work at that time ah well :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t be too concerned with that

I was also busy and couldn’t start the mission until later. The missions are much more enjoyable when you don’t have to rush through them like a maniac. I got nothing from the mission egg but the grade booster was nice.