Final wyrm recipes quest?

So I just finished the quest to get barricadus recipe but don’t have the quest to get typhoon, magma, and omega wyrm. Only thing I have left other than finishing the game is the final rank test to become 6 star hunter. Do I have to beat this to get the wyrm quest?

I assume you have the beat the other wyrms in previous areas to get the last quest with magma typhoon and omega

I’m sure I’ve beat them all. Including the ark wing one. Gone to every town and only quests I have is to finish the game and the final rank test. Guess I will keep looking, I must be missing something.

Hm. You can always see if the trainer rank up is what you need. Hope you find it soon though. Good luck (:
Memorizing recipes is a hassle >_> I’ll have to make sure I remember how to get quests lol.

I hear ya! So many monsters, recipes, quests, it’s hard to keep track of them all lol

Indeed it is xD thankfully people are posting locations on one thread, and recipes in another.

Went through everything again, found 2 quests I hadn’t done. Finished those and beat the last ranking test, still no Wyrm quests :frowning:

Hm. >_> and you beat the main story?

Not yet, still have to beat the last tower.

Maybe beat the tower and see if it unlocks?

Just got the recipes, had to defeat wiedman in the tower to unlock. Making typhoon wyrm now but still need Gaia wyrm to make the magma wyrm and then omega. Thanks for all ur help flygon

No problem, glad you got them! I’ll make sure to remember that you need to beat wiedman so no one else has this trouble. Gl on your quest for leafy (: