How come can't feed Monsters to other Monsters from Bench?

I was just wondering why we couldn’t get a Monster from the bench and feed it to another Monster form the Bench?

I dont see why we cant do this.

I ask this because i have a ton of monsters that i have that i dont want/or have multiple copy’s of.

I know i can delete/remove the monster from my bench but that is just useless. I would rather feed it to level up Monsters.

This is just my Opinion though.

Maybe because people would abuse it by catching a ton of weak monsters and feeding them to others. They would get a strong team in no time and beat the game easily. Wouldn’t be so fun either.

Yeah, i thought of that, i guess your right, but they could possibly find a way that no one could abuse it.

They would even make a profit doing it as the cost of the cheapest card is less than the silver earned