Favourite Team, Strategy And Help

Hey Everybody This Is The Section Where We Post Our Favourite Team/Team, Talk Strategy And Ask For Help.

Everyone I don’t want to be rude or anything but if we post everything that is in different places here it would probably be easier to find everything.
P.s. Sorry if it sounds like in being rude

That’s fine Mason if the release players do that.  But the beta players have been keeping track and will release the info in a week or two.  So don’t feel like you need to do an exhaustive list.  We’ve got that pretty well covered.

Ok thanks Jemnidad

I have a question I just got my first first one. Does it get weaker every time u use it like spirit totems in dib because the letter I remember always went down.

No, I believe they get stronger the more you use them in battle now. It’s much more convenient and they can become seriously powerful if used correctly.

Yeah, you should summon your favorite often. I use my first ones often.

Ok thanks kookaburra.
I have a question after you use a recipe once can you use it again.

You can use it as many times as you want as long as you have the pieces

OK Thanks Deadpool i thought that because even when ive been getting recipes they’ve been still showing up in the shop.

they’re always in the shop, really nothing you can do about it

thanks deadpool

also im trying to find yelan temple but all i find is a cave which i went to the very bottom and could find anything.

Edit:also i dont know how to get don peinguini

The Yelan Temple is in the Captiol of the Ice Island

And Don Penguini is in the tombstone in Orlen and the passcode is Dragon Island

Ok thanks. 

whats the capitals name i think im there.


i just cant find it in kallaku

I think i find the capital on the map

I believe it is Kallaku.

To go to the next town, go north and cross the mountains to go west.

ok thanks Kookaset

I had one of those moments

We all have those moments haha

You’re welcome. ^^

What level would you suggest for me to fight the frost serpent.