Stuck in DIB

I am the point where you have to take on the guilds.  I keep losing to the tons of archangels they have.  I feel like I am stuck in the game. What Can I do?

You could… Come over to Hunter island :wink:

Only thing I can say about that. Is train, re arrange team, train and edit it.

I’m playing hunter island already, but I wanted to see if I could get past that part

Im sorry i dont play Dib

Hmm i remember that part. Even with a strong ass deck they were still trouble lol.

A ridiculous army of Wolf Gods could do the trick.

Otherwise, make sure you power up Blademasters in Swindene. Make sure you have some vengeance users near the end, and definitely Don Penguini at the very end.

Boosts do stack in that game iirc, so use it to your advantage. Iron Kings are very useful as well. You could pair two with a healer if you’d like. Stomper’s evolution is great for that. Started with a G, forgot it though. Same with Tengu’s evolution. A…Asura? I can’t remember. Anyways, his survivor is nice if you can manage.

One of the biggest battles would be the Morpheus Army. Annoying as heck. But, the Westguard battles are ridiculous as well. Lil kid and the Arena Master know how to fight. Dreadnought, Behemoth, and Chaos Rider should always have support. Hastes and Overdrives ftw. Iron Kings should have healers. Wolf Gods should all be right next to each other, stunning like crazy. Again, never underestimate the power of a quick haste.

Blademaster NEEDS support, as his Matsurama (I think that’s the name) is one of the most beneficial skills in the game.

You’re going to want a lot of monster slots, so Infinite Dungeon works.

how could you not remember tib :o lol jk its ganesha the stomper evo and asura like you said and I had extremely hard time with that to :confused: I recommend tibs strat or like I did (takes farming)

archangel archangel archangel

archdemon archdemon archdemon

iron king iron king iron king


iron king iron king iron king

orochi orochi orochi

wolf godx3

wolf godx3

wolf godx3

wolf godx3


pyrohydra cryohydra dreadnought

deathcrawlerx3 (another damage carrier)


bladmasterx2 ganesha

blademasterx2 ganesha



behemoth spikey chaosrider

(if any extra space just use more iron kings or strongest you got)

angelic birdx3 (for haste)

don peguinix3

and remember to put hasters in everywhere in the middle of groups (especially in the stronger ones like blade pyro cryo and dread and dragoons)

wow, thanks for the help!  I’ll try this but I don’t have nearly enough of those guys and now I’m limited to where I can go :frowning:

There shouldn’t be an issue with anything with the first city. Go to the cave north of the city and capture a few Thunderwolves. Careful though, they are quite rare in the cave. Also, capture the King Slimes that you run into, as well as the metal slime thingy that is…umm…I’m pretty sure it spawns in one spot above the lighthouse in swindene.

Once you have enough, go use those Wolf Gods and Iron Kings to go for Olympia…then, you should be able to go to the Thunder Wolf spawn spot west of Olympia, and get even more wolfies…then you can go into the mansion and go for Fire Tigers and Snow Panthers. Solaris ftw. Then go for Samis and chimera ants and get yourself some more Blademasters. Then you can go for the rest of the cities.

D: how could i, i forgot solaris. Ima add it
Warning this will take alot of slots, i had tp make it to 140 in infinite dungeon for slots
And it takes hours to go up but i got 2 of the required hatchling in gold eggs from beating fafnir so i would do infinite dungeon first then go for the rest of needed supplies

And for the multiple needed cherubs there not that rare but kinda i found the needed 6 in 45 minutes and you can find them on those fancy white stone pillars next to wesing

I never could find many cherubs. I relied on eggs for my Archangels.

Hmm thats unfortunate i got really lucky with them and i got a free archangel from an egg then i realised that i wasted 4 cherubs on demons because i thought they were better lol

I’m not too fond of demons tbh.

Once met archangel there was no going back
And how are you not fond of demons and stuff like that but like dib? Because there are more death types and demonic sub types than anything eles

I still prefer Chimera Ant and Ifrit over archs.

I used Archdemon’s sacrifice to defeat the bosses in the sanctuary then I didn’t really use it anymore

I love ifrits chimeras are, ok but i prefer to blade master them :smiley:

I prefer Blademaster to Chimera Ant but Chimera Ant isn’t completely useless

^ I really liked Chimera Ant as well. 

To the OP the game gets hard at this point lol that’s all I can really say about it just work on training and getting those awesome monsters. You can do it! Too bad they took out the Swinedene training spot it would’ve helped alot :confused: