I really never imagined that when I randomly downloaded this app that It would lead me to some ppl that I’d never forget . Literally some of the funniest times I’ve had in my life . Amazing friendships honestly . I truly wish now that the relationships were built around something other than this game that now causes me so much stress and disappointment .
As someone who doesn’t really have an actual family , You Guys have always been there for me. You have no idea how grateful I am for this. Thank you guys for making me feel at home
I had stepped away from the game for about a month or so to try to get some perspective on things . I planned to return during the Christmas/NYE eggs hoping my feelings would change for the better .
7 Star Mythic monsters ? Nope. I’m out . As someone who’s supported this game to the extreme for years I’m disgusted by this . I’m not sure how others feel towards these new additions , but I don’t want any part of this anymore. I didn’t collect 120 legends just to have a gang of new 7 star monsters above them. Who knows how many will be released in the future along with countless new legends that will keep coming .
Main reason for this post is not to complain about the game . But to thank my people here for all the good times we had . I had a good run , but it’s gotta end sometime . For me , it’s much sooner than I imagined .
Shout to some of the people who made this all worth it .

Unown / VC / Lochi / Sig / Hassan / Monkey / Pippo / Wolfie / KamKam / Ice / GaryOak / TheGreatest / Thaiger / Guwop /Yakuza / Gmagic / Kiwi / Saul / Althouse / Iconoclism / IDFWU / Ziter / Striker / Boiler / Heros / Ripper / Akhiash / Laxtank and many more . Take care guys .
Maybe I’ll come back around sometime to say hello and see how everyone is doing . Maybe even a random pvp battle when u least expect :wink:
much love,



Sad but I feel the same way. I’ve heard many talking of quitting but never had much thought of it myself until now… the mythics are just gonna really get in my nerves

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Good luck bruh. I’m on fornite still



Sad to see you go right after you recruited me! I’ll miss you man. I feel the same way about the game right now it’s pretty unfortunate…

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Il see you online in PS4 hit me up anytime and we can try to steal more planes :joy::ok_hand:



Game has lost its most understanding nice player the guy who you could always rely on he only had good intentions in his heart he supported neo like no other and was loved by all nothing will be same with him gone :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I respect your decision bro, I’ll join the PS4 clan soon (can’t promise ) :joy:
Lakers gang :hugs::muscle::muscle::grin:



Put the game in the trash bin but don’t disappear



Can relate man.
Good luck, was a fun run :slight_smile:

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you’re not allowed to leave I just came back :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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gotta get back on line so we can chat bro :frowning: :purple_heart:

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There is no sad emoji with sunglasses so i’ll stick to this one.


Stil I hope you’ll get back on line chat just to keep your online family around. You know the chat has always been more around trying to get VC nudes anyway since the beginning than for the game really.




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Spiralsy :sob: I’ve said to you everything I had to say but reading your post made me all emotional again. You know I never really cared about game and I’m just here because of everyone in z19 and you made z19 what it is. I don’t suppose a traditional z19 poll could persuade you to come back to chat but here’s to hoping you’ll check up on us soon. If I could crop some circles I’d make some sort of farewell jibjab thingies but alas it’s not my forte, so I’ll just say take care Spiralsy. Don’t let a drop of rain falls on you xx

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Bro seriously? Man gonna miss you and all those gimmicks you pull off. Take care, come back amd chat if you feel like it. :slight_smile:

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This is sad. And I understand why too, I’m heading towards the same direction as well. If the game doesn’t change for the better its gonna lose a lot of its top players… (not shitty things no one really wanted)

But enough about game, this thread is for you.

I will miss you. As VC said, you created the z19 as it is today. I said this before but z19 isn’t a clan, it’s a family. but I’d hope you’d stay in line so we could still contact you there. And you should get switch so I can smack you on super smash bros :new_moon_with_face:. Take care nautispiral, and just know we’d always accept you with open arms in z19 :heart:



Shame man, but I understand.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I’ll be on discord.

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Sad to hear bro, big loss to the neo community :sweat: make sure you hop on line every so often for a catch up.

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I didn’t get to know you personally but it’s clear from what others have said that you were a much loved member of the community. All the best to you and I hope you have fun in other games.



:sob: I hate them too. I feel for you bro. Thanks for everything.

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