Explanation of Abilities~

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There are two main categories of abilities. These include Skills and Passives.

Skills, or “moves,” are the abilities that you see when you fight. These are the ones you use. Examples include Haste, Rend, and Survivor. There are also separate categories of skills as well. There are single-damage moves, multi-damage moves, and support moves.

Support moves are those that boost the stats of your monsters, or have some effect that involves monsters, but does not damage. Examples include healing, blocking, increasing stats, scrambling your opponent’s lineup, knocking back your monsters and opponents’ monsters, and stunning.

Then there are single-damage moves, which are the simplest. These fellas do exactly what they sound like…they damage a single opponent.

Multi-damage moves can damage two monsters, have chain (splash) damage, attack all enemies, and even target everyone. Moves that attack all enemies are called AoE moves. These include Eruption, Dracobane, and Army Flame. Generally, these moves are weaker then single-damage moves, but the total damage dealt is still quite high. Be careful when using these, as they generally require a lot of TU. Chain moves act like AoE when your opponents have monsters out with the same element.

Moves may have secondary effects similar to passive abilities, but they are not the same. An example would be moves that are similar to the Passive Increase Abilities, such as Vengeance and Bloodthirst. These are still moves. Don’t confuse em with passives.

Now, we also have passive abilities. These are much like support moves, with only a few that actually deal damage. There are three kinds of passives. Death effects, damage effects, increase effects, and team effects. 

Death Effects - These abilities activate right when your opponent kills your monster. Some effect, such as Stun Skin or Volatile, will instantly come into play, Stun skin stuns 1 or more enemy arks, while volatile deals heavy damage (likely defeating whatever is hit). There are also death effects that boost your active team’s stats, such as Last Fury or Last Will.

Damage Effects - These abilities are activated when your opponents’ monsters hit your own. Examples include Payback and Fangbreak. When a monster hits a monster with payback, the monster that attacked will receive damage as well (although it will only be a percentage of the damage dealt). Fangbreak decreases enemies’ offensive stats when the monster is hit. Great abilities.

Increase Effects - These abilities are always in play, increasing the stats of your arkadion. Perhaps the best example would be Survival. This Passive ability increases your arkadion’s stats as monsters are defeated. This is NOT the same as the move Survivor, which is an active skill that increases the amount of damage as time passes. 

Team Effects - These passive abilities have an impact on your team. A good example is Charisma, which increases the stats of your team’s active arkadion while alive.

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