Arks with 5 moves

Some of the Arks have 5 moves… Like gremknight. How do I use the one that is not displayed?

You can’t use that move because it is a passive ability. Some Arks have more than 5 abilities, but that means they have more than one passive ability.

Passives are mostly moves that automatticly apply when ur arkadion is defeated like puffoxin has death revenge.

Errr…yeah, I’m gonna clarify a bit more. Not that there’s anything wrong with what they said, of course.

…nvm. I was typing this when I realized that other people might not know this. So I made a FAQ thread…btw, use the FAQ section for questions in the future please n.n

^That’s the link to the explanation.

That Tiberius… Always overdoing things!


Moved to the FAQ section.