Experience farming.

Basically, I’m wondering where the quickest position/place is to farm exp.

At the moment, I am currently directly south of the tower on the world map. Southwest of Reijin. If you go to the shore, you can fight bite school (piece of cake tbh). Sometimes there can be up to 25 which reaps in about 5000 exp ago.

My battle technique is one monster with haste (gremknight for me). One monster with a “chain move” with 100 or less TU (Glazio for me) and any other monster I wish to gain exp. If luckily enough you can haste before your chain attack and manage to kill all 3 bite school (which you should be able too). You simply go in a loop killing the whole party without being touched.

Now I don’t think I’ve seen this on this forum (I look here often but this is my first post).

If you know of any easy exp farming, please let me know :slight_smile:

The biteschools spot at Reijn

Basically what I wrote then, but thank you

Yeah well infinite dungeon would work too, and sometimes even the OM but Thats only after a certain amount of floors