Exchange system between players and the game

  • instead of a system of Exchange between players or a system of sales and in pkm MMO would be adding the possibility that the game you ticket and potions bonus in Exchange for mostruos who are ultra evolved.
  • it would have to add tickets 4 star and tickets of 5 stars.
  • by a monster 4 star this ultra evolved give you a ticket 4 stars (*) and well as by a monster of 5 * you give a ticket of 5 * and a monster 6 * this ultra evolved give you a ticket 6 *.
  • if the monster to Exchange has bonus you that amount of posiones bonus
  • it only can do with mostruos born of eggs and only obtained from legally.
  • for the unborn egg only den points of training and XP online gambling.
  • at the time to buy a monster by these tickets that finds greater variety and have a price of 6 tickets in reliance on the amount of stars of the monster (6 tickets 4 * for a monster epic, 6 tickets of 5 * for a monster Super epic …)
  • a number 10 tickets can be merge to a ticket more stars (10 tickets 4 * = 1 ticket 5 *; 10 tickets 5 * = 1 ticket 6 * …)
  • this would give the possibility of using the mostruos less strong for something useful, would be best players PvP also would help US to US players free as it would be worth more time in the online, you could get to monsters of events and attract more players to the game
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Your suggestion is:

  • When you evolve a monster it gives you an X star ticket, to use in the exchange shop (e.g. evolving a legendary gives 1x 6 star ticket).

Is that correct?

I sometimes not understand things because I am using translator

instead of delete a monster Exchange it for tickets (as if buy a ticket and you have to pay with a monster 6*) with a but only if they are ultra evolved