Evolving Legendaries

Guys,i need help! I am about to ultra-evolve an lengendary, but i dont know wich one. These are the legendaries:

Probably drakotron. He gains purifying mist(stealth all upgrade.).

Purifying mist looks good, but the other Monsters have pretty good abilities. Burnsalot can use devour charge along with hold ground, and Gloridrake’s evolution can use bloodthirst along with it’s great attack, and it has death revenge, too.

If you need better defence go with drako
If you need more sweepers go with burnsalot
If you need better support go with midasdragon. (He less of a sweeper, more of a give turner and the quarter explosive boxes thing. How ever he can sweep too, but burnsalot is better for that)

You are right, i use Gloridrake to prevent monsters from death, since his main attack costs too much. Are there ways to make Burnsalot faster? I mean, devour charge is cheap, but man, double burst costs so much! Should i replace Redkong with uselles monsters just to be sacrificed by Burnsalot?

Put him with give turners for faster sweeps. Usually he aint out of rocks cuz he can step back, but putting a 1 cost monster at the end of your team is great if needed. Will also save you an extra cost for your team

And make sure coalknight isn’t on the frontline, because his entrance only works when he enters the field mid fight.

Yes, i did what you guys told before reading it, thank you!! Finally, i owned the battle. I have a mini sleep/dreamhunt team by the end of my team, and some of them have give turn. Also, i’ve put two cheap-cost monsters, wich i also used for Throw. Anyway, thank you guys for the tips!!

Burnsalot is awesome I use him with a give turn monster so after is doubke attack he can charge again straight away after doing this twice hit step back move and when he re entree he gets another 2 rockoids at the end no need to worry about sacrificing your monsters