What legendary should I evolve...3 left

Like I asked

Definitely start with Wrathengine, he really needs it. Do Coalknight second since he gets more out of it than Cryowyrm does, plus you don’t have many water types so you won’t get much out of Cryo anyway.

doom engine man.you have already ultra evolved  the geartyrant,omegasdragon,terrordragon.so go for doom engine with the help of some protectors or stun bombers

U guys sure…I’m gonna do it in the morning so I can get all your guys opinions because I feel like I work harder than I should with what I got
I’m bad lol

Go for the train and then the oven.

No, go for burnsalot. He is a lot better then people say he is.

Train first, he’s unstoppable in PvE with proper protection.

In my opinion is that bomber 150sec go for it.
Its truth that this one is hard to kill.
I need to knock him in bovulcus final battle to reduce colateral damage lol

So how do I use him without crippling my team

You’d have to show your team for someone to answer this.

Here’s what I have

I have 153 for teammates energy or whatever name it has

I just got another legendary…gloridrake

Take coal night

I knew I should have taken coal knight lol “sigh” but I took doomengine. While not bad it’s the most limited of the now 3 I have left…those being coal knight, gloridrake and cryowyrm…not to say doom engine is bad just doesn’t have the same synergy

Go for drake