Norza - Beast form

What is the trick to beat Norza in his beast form (the first normal vesion I killed but the second beast form not)?
Normaly after 2-3 battles I see what are the weak points and what not but here I don’t see it yet :frowning:
Any ideas are welcome…

Burn him or posion him to remove his stun skin passive

You do know he talking about this one, right? Even if you poison or burn him, IT DOES NOT REMOVE THE STUN SKIN PASSIVE

Yes and it does I did the battle

Il let you into a little serct to beat any boss etc manage your spirit level well amd make sure to train your monsters

@Sliver, idk if you are blind or just trolling but you can clearly see that he is burn and still has the stun skin passive. Also thanks for pointing out the obvious, I wouldn’t have made it this far without managing my spirit and training my monsters.

i think it changes passives each turn mayve that’s why you can’t

More shocked people are stuck on any of The boses a level 30 vivi should basically one shot it using golem to manage exp it’s also handy to run a stun absorb

@ILAGaLOT, You think it changes passives… Are you sure you have completed this one because it’s passives do not change at all, they remain the same. I’m starting to think you are just trolling.

I’ve finished
The full game

Run a stun absorber?

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Basically that’s it

As you can see game is finished

That is the team with which I’m trying. Trying with different orders etc…
But just loosing…

Attack view:

Here the level view:

Not sure if you beat him yet, but I had a stealth character, and just spammed normal attack to keep spirit up and used him to deliver big hits. Didn’t use any special attacks outside of his

Run something with stun absorber and don’t attack the boss so the absorber is above 150tu, and don’t guard with it either. There’s one catchable stun absorber, just make sure you keep it alive

I used dream hunter and smashed him

Any advice on fusion fighters & equipment? Ty

Depends on what you have though I recommend asking the question in the discord

Is it effective? Using Dream Ender or something like that?