Eternal in Online Story

Hi. Anyone knows how to beat this boss? I can’t get over him for months and it’s really annoying. Thank you for help

My team =

The only thing you need to worry about with him is making sure he never can use “zero slash” or whatever it is called.

Spam regular attacks to keep your spirit high (roughly around 4) and only use a skill that subtracts spirit when you have 6-7 spirit.

I was able to beat him with less than what you have there using no summoned units besides a unevolved beryx. You can beat him with what you have, just be mindful of the spirit gauge.

It gets even worse with the next boss who you have to fight the same way.

Uh yeah well he beats me up anyway at the end when he has so low HP and he just heals up, steals my souls and everything is f*cked Up and it’s impossible

This is the final boss in act 1 correct? If so then you should be able to beat him the way I described. I beat him with less than what you have in your team following that strategy.

i just started and is on day 11…i would’ve quit already if i had to take months to defeat him😂I’m here just on online hard a3 c7 and still able to continue while just hitting lv 82…not showing off or anything but like…geez… i dont even have much time to play and seeing you struggle has me wondering alot lol

It’s amazing how long people can be making very simple gameplay mistakes before they get them pointed out by someone and everything changes. The battle system has its nuances that aren’t obvious until they’re pointed out to you. For example, if you have a choice of killing two enemies it’s typically best to kill the one that is going to get its turn sooner. With moves like timestrike in the game you can get suckered into thinking it’s good to kill enemies on high TU when in reality it is often better to focus on stopping the enemies from getting too many turns.

By the looks of the person above “months” does not equal “playing hours every day for months” too!