How to beat Ossia in Act 4?

Dear all,

Anyone know how to beat Ossia in Act 4 My Litlle Garden that use poison combo?


Depends on ur team… what have u got

This is my line up

U need votstruct in start to give u spirit to purify Shanna… so she can charge survivor…

Horse guy needs to be 5th so he can vengeance strike.

Cryosarus + green Ninetales can be op combo for a beginner and that lifeflip all is a life saver

Hey after Act 4 what’s next? No update yet? I want to know the next story

Guys, could you give me some advice to beat the Eternal in act 4. I think it is very overpower. This is very annoying.

I have the same problem. Anyone know how to beat it?

@Adryan_Hasbunario @PePPeiLMaS

The trick is to keep attacking it without letting your Spirit gauge go below 4. If it attacks you with the one spirit draining move while you have 3 spirit it knocks you down to 0 and then utterly wrecks you with the zero slash move. If you keep attacking it while keeping spirit gauge high there isn’t much it can do to you.

Astrid helps a lot with her ignition to keep gauge at 4 or above. Make sure to grab a mercenary one of those if you don’t have one. Also level your units up to max level.

I was able to beat it when I leveled my units up past 50-60 range