so the new mythic is entirely naked. ok then

Does this violate Rule 1.1?


No nudity on forum
Are you ready to get banned?


So we gonna ignore that sniper range on her passive?

We are way pass nudity lol, the dude jumped out the window with bastia…
Besides, I have no qualms lo9l

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Her passive allows to see the next 6 monsters in the enemy… this makes the game unbalanced again… no matter how difficult you make a strategy, but when this monster is in your enemy… your enemy easily reads your formation and combo.

tbh it’s not even that powerful of a mythic compared to some of the other ones we’ve been getting. my only issue is that it’s not wearing ANYTHING


Her skills are bad except for that passive

:rofl: :rofl:


That’s right bro, but with him. We can master the course of the game and make better calculations. Because we know what strategy the enemy will do next. with passive camouflage skills and thick defenders stats. This makes monsters survival long time…

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I don’t see a problem here.

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New mythical passive is ridiculous, and the Rhino is a great design wasted on a bad moveset. Boo.

You should take a closer look at Boxchomp’s moveset

Boxchomp is excellent, and the passive for the Rhino is fantastic - just not practical enough for me I guess.

@Laxus :open_mouth:

if only i could smash like button continuously for this


Seems like Devs took the half naked 2D girl comments a bit too seriously

great design, I don’t know about you but I like naked girls as long as it is not something vulgar, it is elegant enough for me, insofar as its passive makes it useful in the middle game where it is useful to read the opponent’s end at the beginning I doubt much that changes the way of playing properly, it is balanced

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And why the heck is her leg wounded? Do the devs want the owners to be simping over her too?

I’m gonna be spamming man eater and head hunter from now on.


You overthinking this too much. It’s not even worth rolling for. You probably will never see her get played

Well still see her and her horrible design in pve tho

horrible design?