End of the Road

Hey Guys,

It is with heavy heart that I have to announce my retirement from the game. My last goal was to reach the 30 times top 50 Icon after that I wanted to re-evaluate if I still enjoy the game. And tbh the answer is no. There are a few reasons but they have accumulated over time.

1.) The unwillingness of the devs to encourage creativity in PvP. The PvP experience has become a lot less enjoyable for me in the last months. Dev made teams are one thing but those braindead fast paced/(relatively) low cost katt Joco bundam orca FLs or the generic Sui Orca Jac whatever FLs are just so mind numbingly strong and effective that its literally punishing to try something creative. I have always said that I‘d rather lose than run something like that and I still stand by that. Thats my fault in the end. I know the devs ultimately try their best with the list but I what I think the game needs is a system that rewards you for playing certain monsters (+more rp) or gives you less points if you opt for the usual suspects. On top the recent wave of def boost monsters has Also contributed to that feeling. I think def boost is one of the most stupid passives in the game and monsters like Carmilla are really pushing it over the top.

2.) The revert of the Bastia nerf. I know many people used her and I‘m genuinely happy for them that she’s back to her old strength but I think this was a complete disaster. Bastia needed a nerf she was/is way too oppressive. This was Also confidently (publicly) stated by VKC. Restriction on the healing move and 250 TU KB would have been fine. Loss of HG was also alright. I agree that random knock back was an entirely stupid decision in the first place. However, stating that she creates a very bad gaming experience for many users then following up with 180 Degree U Turn is just peak stupidity. I want to make clear: This is a not a shot at the people pushing to revert the nerf. You were right to push for undoing the stupid RKB nerf. This was stupid in the first place. But I heavily dislike the completely arbitrarily way of handling this thing by the devs. It made me lose the faith that they have actually an idea about what’s strong/what is not. On top: They put Bastia in the regular myth pool. I cant describe how hard I want to slam my head against a wall. Ultimately its not the first time something seems to get released first and properly tested second. Remember when Bastia negated her own passive when the nerf happened? Yeah, thats literally running one test before you release something.

Willfully putting something back into the game that creates a terrible gaming experience. GG.

3.) Orb of vitality: we can make it short: I just can’t bring myself to do the daily challenge. So sooner or later I will have a severe disadvantage against the health boosted monsters of other players. So its better to end it now before this thing gets bigger. I don’t want to be forced to achieve it in PvE. Again: this is entirely my fault. But even the slightest bit of PvE just feels so boring most of the times and I don’t want to do it. Orbs should also be obtainable by playing PvP imo.

4.) The newest GF. This has shown me that we are not done with dev made teams. It seems to be the way the devs want to develop the game to and thats legit but its not my way. In the same way as 1.) this discourages creative team building and takes the fun out of the game. I just dont want to go through cycle after cycle of dev made teams.

Other minor reason:

I recently started a few other mobile games. None of them have the beauty and strategic depth of Neo but they have other cool things. Implemented clans/alliances, a pity timer (it actually became pretty standard in gacha. Its awful Neo doesnt have it yet) and most importantly: Better odds. Even the next best bad odd game has a 0,9 % probability for the best unit to get from a summon. Looking at the odds of other games it reminded me of how insanely bad Neo odds are. Having to hit 1 % 4 times (KD, I know it’s technically less if we are talking a specific myth) is just insane.

Also theres literally no development in terms of clans, pity timer or things like trade in offers where you can trade in several unwanted monsters for monsters you actually want.

Maybe I will return at some point (I will at least monitor the next updates) but there really is no point in playing a game you dont enjoy and you dont have any faith in the developers to turn things into the right direction. Def buff all over the place, HP orbs, Rock lock still not addressed, stun still not properly addressed, dev made teams and arbitrarily undoing nerfs because you pissed off the wrong people really is not the right way to go.

Sherlock out.


I’ve probably talked with you the most out of the people I know in this community and it really sucks to see you go. I’m with you on all these points but I’m currently far too addicted to quit lol. I’d really like to see some balance changes but I’m not optimistic.

Also I got mad at those stupid kanna skeleviathan teams so I made this scummy stun team that’s still winning over 80% of the time even after all the stun nerfs. Great game balance!


Wrong People = KD in this context :joy:


Also @NMEGaryOak for the mod vacancy that’ll open up.


I will remain a mod. At least for now.


I agree with you on all your points. I have left and rejoined the game multiple times since it started with new accounts each time to try to challenge myself and get a semblance of creativity in it. Even in lower tier PvP it’s still the same things, and I wholeheartedly agree and understand where you’re coming from. I am sorry to see you go but glad to see you stuck it out so long. Realistically the main reason I’m staying with it right now is I finally am maintaining my goal of hainf 509 gems as my new zero so I can actually benefit from the shrines :joy:


Haha I was the biggest voice in all of that but also made it crystal clear that I was happy for it to be nerfed and provided lots of experienced feedback with exactly how it should be nerfed. So yeah I might be a big reason why it was reverted, but it wasn’t what I was asking for :joy:

The rollercoaster Bastia has been on since release is such a crazy one!

Neo will remain stagnant so good for you to quit. Genshin Impact is better than this game Neo waifus aint that good in the first place.

Keep dreaming
I would prefer a small game with content than a big one that don’t have one


Realized all these stuff and thats why i only come from time to time to just shrine and go…
Sad that they dont do anything new…
Still the same slow and boring menu and huge loading time of pve and only thing that sometimes is fun is some pvp and no more ranked play…
And the new orb thing made it more clear for me that it dfntly isnt worth grinding!
Insted i focus most of my life time on myself than doing slow pve and hours of grinding for like 1-2 lgnd pots!
Or when i want to actually play and have fun i decide to play somthing funnier like LOL!
Very sad cause i also loved this game and it hyped me
sooo much when i hatched somthing that i wanted…( the disaster typer i was in line and discord chat for hatching!)
But nowadays…
Just to mention that i was also in top 50 sometimes and my biggest rank was 4…
So not just a normal randome guy appearing and talking…

This is an arrow to my heart but I agree with all your points. HP boost, speed FL, uncreative teams, etc… Raw buff kinda killed the game too.

See you again man ,take your time .

i am also losing interest in neo. i find that this hp boost is probably going to kill the game. if it was limited to use on Super Epic monsters it would create diversity and add a new tactical element to battles which I’m sure is what the devs intended. as it stands people are only using it to boost their strongest Mythic monsters so that they will become even more oppressive in PvP.

I don’t have as much hate for the dev-made teams as i am a proud Gummy Dragon user. however the other point Shirley makes about failing to nerf rocklock and bastia are also annoying. the fact that the devs have released a bunch of new Payback Killers indicates that they are trying to address the issue but dont know how to. (make a roaring entrance monster with weed out or backbite smh).

It also annoys me that there are literally thousands of ideas in the Skill ideas and monster designs that seem to be ignored by the devs.

This Game 100% needs a pity system even if its still a one at low odds. even if you added a single percent of hatching a featured monster (legendary and mythic) every time you got an unfeatured one it would go a long way. though i wouldn’t add this to golden egg because it would be abusable.

Stun - stun pulse/timestrike monsters have been destroyed by the nerf and they were never a problem. it has basically wiped an entire troupe from the game for no reason. at least improve timestrike damage or make stun pulse 80tu so timestrike can actually do enough damage to kill a pulsed opponent.

Stun Entrance - getting better. being stun-locked is definitely getting harder.

The UI. - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE ATM. To claim all the daily quest rewards it takes approximately 30 seconds to hit 6 buttons. why does this game need to show the “Connecting To Server” screen for pretty much every interaction. JUST KEEP US CONNECTED FFS. as a regular PvE player i think i probably spend 10 minutes a day looking at “connecting to server” message. it is not pleasant as a player and seems to be getting worse as time goes on. this above all else is making me disenchanted with Neo.

Clans in-game- when?

Jerbo - Still no Jerboggernaut Mythic or jerbo buff. :c


Give me ur account

I have also stopped playing despite being addicted to this game a while ago. I had never left 1 day without playing, now I spend up to 1 week without entering Neo, I have no motivation, there is nothing new, very little community in terms of other games, I only see the same players. And the biggest cause of my loss of interest in Neo is that there is no clan and chat system built into the game, something like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale are great for that. I think Neo is a very lonely game if you are not in contact with other players outside of the game :frowning: , I hope my lack of motivation doesn’t last longer.


Truly a sad day :saluting_face:


Yes, the game has definitely gotten boring.
No new events that are exciting enough because everyone now has too many good monsters, which is why the events are too easy.

But still there is no game comparable to neomonsters.
I haven’t found any until now.

I think in the end the biggest mistake was releasing the Destiny Shrine that allowed everyone to get monsters too easily.

People’s teams hardly differ at all, it used to be different.

I would like a new game from zigza. :heart_eyes:

Legend of the game and clan mate leaving and you not even pay respect by reacting to the post but only to another user mentioning you. Really sad!

Good bye Sherlock legend. Sad to see you go. But you are right. Wrong people influencing game direction. Game is slowly dying. All the legends leaving.


Since they’re clan mates, I think they may have already discussed about it… KD and the other clan members probably knew it in advance. I’m speculating but it doesn’t seem too far off

@ItsSherlock will you at least show up on the Discord from time to time? :pleading_face:


As Interference said, I chatted with Sherlock about it some time ago. His post here is basically a slightly more fleshed out version of what he wrote to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sherlock is my best friend in this game, needless to say it’s a very heavy blow to lose him! It doesn’t make my own passion for the game waver though.

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