Emeraldeus worth the gems?

I was recommended that this is one of the monsters that I pull for when it becomes available. As someone who is F2P and very strategic about the eggs I pull on, is this really a PVE dominator and worth my gems? Thanks.

Its very strong at pve ! Pulled him twice in one Pack… His double retribution is nice for pvp, but sadly emeraldeus is slowly af… And that retribution requires link

Cool, thanks for the feedback. Yeah I see the value in him especially with camouflage. But yeah his speed is garbage, but I guess if you protect him and let him set up he’ll be fine

But has camo, and 2 other earth types have camo as well so the speed doesn’t matter

Maybe now with TT nerf… We will see it, maybe for stun immune pvp it will be a thing🤔