A mini Stag can be won next PvP. It's 6 cost.

Releasing another camo protector is not a big deal post Protector nerf. I’ll test it out, excited but not super excited. At least it’s cheap. It’s an Interesting monster. Would have been cool to have stealth teammate :blush:

Anyway, we all know how valuable one camo protector has been for the game. It’s a good time to release another. Due to nerf, all protectors going forward need to be very special to be appealing.

What you guys think?

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Pretty cool. I’ve been wanting Stag to pair with Emeraldeus for the longest, but this may work just as well. Cant beat it for a 6 cost.

A Goldoid beats it. I think Goldoid is the second best protector in the game now lol. 2 cost reviving protector. Goldoid demolishes Diamond post nerf. Hehe

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Very good , santi with 6 cost and atribute light , it make team link holy stronger

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Man, I really hoped it was a super epic :confused: