Elemental retribution

I can’t remember well if there is another monster, besides Geomagnus, that also uses this skill. But it’s a fact that the damage it deals it’s incredibly slow; your opponent most have 4 monsters of the same element on the field in order for you to be able to kill something with it; with 3 the best you can do is to halve their HP.
Now, geomagnus is already a very good/useful monster, so I’m not asking for a buff. I just want to give some use to that skill that so far is the same that an empty slot or a mean to kill monsters with 1 HP.
Element massacre recently got a big buff, so I think that increasing the damage element retribution makes a little bit, the enough amount to kill standar defense stat monsters when there are 3 of the same element on the field, should be fair enough.
Another solution to this problem could be to change the skill for something that we can actually use.


The damage is very low,bcoz the sec is quite fast(similiar with throw all ,multi target with low damage).but if they want increase damage .they must increase the sec of this monster (similiar with element masacre).

Yes, I agree. In this case, TU could be 160 secs, 136 when +9

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I see a lot of people use this skill. It comes up quite a bit as a faster move than bloodfury to kill a HG monster. Sure, it could be a better move for the monster but Geomagnus is already powerful enough.

The damage is balanced for 100TU. Any more damage would be crazy so it would need to be 160/200TU, as said already. Then you kind of lose the reason people use it right now. I don’t think the benefit you gain is something people would like. Geomagnus is usually used for controlling the battlefield. Having a powerful hit all move goes against that.

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I agree with this and Element Massacre it’s great when you want to use a low TU move with Geo without having to kill one of your or enemy monsters. I think Geo its perfect as it is

You’re saying people use it a lot, mostly to kill HG monsters, which it’s true, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the skill purpose. And that’s the point I wanna make, no one uses that skill the way they should cause people know it’d be as good as doing nothing.
Geomagnus doesn’t need a buff, but that skill is practically an empty slot🤷🏻‍♂️

You’re totally right, but see, I’m sure no one will say in here " the skill is perfectly fine because I’ve used element retribution to kill monsters of the same element"…
Everyone uses it to kill HG monsters or to skip turns,but not for what it is really meant to do.

I completely agree that the move is not properly utilised. If it worked more like elemental massacre that would be good. However, on Geomagnus specifically I think it would actually weaken the monster.

It’s great for killing rockoids at the end of a team :slightly_smiling_face:


Finally a buff thread :joy:

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