1.5x Egg drop rate.

So do these events get better eggs like they said??.why??what is the difference with other events and when is the next 1.5x coming???

Patience Osmani patience. It will be advertised as festival egg. Usually it comes once a month

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@DanteLee That’s why in the community it’s nicknamed the period egg :+1:t2:

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And is the "New Comer Egg"one of those 1.5x ???

@DanteLee did you understand the menaing about 1.5x chance egg? In a common egg you have a 4% chance to hatch a legendary. In a festival you have a 6% chance. So if yoy want to know if it is a 1.5x chance egg just click on Monster Info on the advertised egg page and you can see above the monsters list the probability of getting mythics, legendary, SE and epics. If you see 6% at legendary then you have your festival egg. I am not sure about the newcomer egg. If i remember correctly its only 4%


@eNjiin thanks I get it now. Well am gonna wait the event even though I had to restart the game I think it will be worth it.