Egg spin

Guys can you please tell me a almost 100% sure get method to getting what you want? One of my frend has a method and is using it to get all those egg only arks ect mine spider. Help me please!!!

Cant help you with that , i suggest you to just stop it randomly or if u feel that u need to stop it

Yah that’s what I’m doing now but usually get bad stuff so I’m looking for a method

We can’t post methods on how to time eggs on this forum.

Sorry man I suggest looking somewhere else
There has been lots of disputes over this subject

Ok sorry

sorry mate, I know it sucks but at least I can answer part of your question: there isn’t  an almost 100% method that makes the arrow land where you want. It’s all trial and error first and only after you’ve done it successfully as few times will there be any consistency at all.