Well this is disappointing.

I spent $60 in hopes of getting the new monsters, a mistake I keep making but have decided that enough is enough. 20+ spins and only 2 new monsters, both simple epics. I realize I can be stupidly frivolous with my money, and would likely continue to spend if the results were favorable. But this is the last straw, I refuse to spend a single cent on this game anymore. 

Try getting a refund.

10 spins and i got 4 x duplicate for a Epic i already have,  2 x  super epic duplicate , 1 x super duplicate , 1 x duplicate epic and 2 new epic .


guys, do u all relog everytime you spin the next time? Once you relog/reopen the app, the wheel will change. if u didnt, u will just be spinning the same wheel with the same monsters, and needless to say, u will be getting back the same monsters. 

I’m little sad that I hear that now…

What? Sad to know it just now.

Should stick on the same wheel and try changing your start and stop timing. It makes a difference
Oh wow… Just bought 44gems and landed on legendary twice but got 2 more omegadragons aha. Bit disappointing but fully convinced there is timing with the egg spins. I altered my timing for spins slightly once I was landing around the legendary and got it. Missed the first screenshot but got the second

@Freakdeer lol you should have relogged for a new legenday, but u did just help me prove that the wheel doesnt change so thanks haha.

Hmph, very convenient knowledge for after the fact… and I will not demand a refund, because no matter how disappointing the product there was no obvious falsehoods with it. I’d say flaws as well but that might be stretching the truth.

So many players have gone through the I won’t spend another penny phase but Neo Monsters has already made profit on the amount that the population had already spent. And there are more spenders coming in as long as the game isn’t dead and completely forgotten about.

The amount of players playing this game is huge this forum is only a small fraction of its size

I agree. Well, actually it depends on the player’s attitude to the game. If you are not hurry, trying to be the best one in the game, you can play it without too much spending, even it would be terriblely slow. But for the players spend quite a amount, they might get bored soon before the game has new update… ~~

This game with time will be an epic one