Double Poison Moves

If only 1 out of 2 target monsters are poisoned, both monsters still die to double poison move.

I think the damage should be reduced tbh. (Not if both are poisoned, keep that damage the same and all other moves). But when only one is poisoned, it feels like the whole criteria isn’t fulfilled.

The high damage kind of makes poison immune useless tbh except when Shielding and HG is concerned.

Don’t feel like this post is going to go down well since half the community uses poison endgames :sweat_smile:


Isn’t already damage reduced while only 1 out of 2 targets are poisoned? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think only monsters with high attack does or if it’s Link(it does somewhat more dmg than normal DPE from my experience with Magmagund but I might be wrong)
Otherwise the output isn’t high
But I get what you are saying

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I dunno but everything seems to die lol

Same with tridrakhan’s triple poison eater when only one Mon is poisoned

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The damage is already reduced if only 1 is poisoned

Double moves TU need to be increased because they create just a ridiculous sweeping flow.
The damage is questionable since we are really talking about having most of double moves dealing insane damage:

Assassinate, defang, nightwatch: deals between 4.3k and 4.9k with one target only.

Time’s up: can reach even 5.5k with one target only.

Double poison eater: Deals up to 4.5k (no type disadvantage) with a target only.

Double dream hunt: let’s not even mention it, is double shot guaranteed if they don’t have HG.

Double timestrike: is TU dependent.

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What are those random damage figures?
(They make 0 sense without further information)

Assassinate, nightwatch and defang all don’t have good damage scaling, times up is slightly better.


Are average damage dealt to monsters, not calculated on extremely tanky monsters.

I don’t see the point in this, most of the skills that hit 2 targets have high damage because they require a special condition for it (it must be poisoned) it’s like saying that the double time attack shouldn’t do as much damage if mo they are 2 stunned, not all the amounts of poison are capable of killing with 1 poison, especially the mythical ones, on the other hand if the damage is reduced the poison would be practically dead, miyics like bastia o and drang can stop the poison in its tracks in case alone practically (yes, I am a user of poison but it has nothing to do with my comment, I also use fine lightning stun and a new one that I am currently using)

If we consider full attack Double Poison Eater monsters (like Scorpiogeist, Banedragon etc.) then yeah, they easily oneshot even with one monster poisoned, despite reduced damage.
I may be wrong but LINK Double Poison Eater on lower rarities (Volcatrap, 4★ Poisoners) is extremely reliable too.

Btw it’s kinda unfair that DPE is so effective, yet it’s only 40sec slower than single Poison Eater.
Not nice >:(

I do see the point that similar moves like times up work the same way. It just feels worse poison because there’s no defence against it as far as shielding and HG goes.

How about this then: Poison immune monsters take significantly less damage from poison attacks.

In its current state poison immunity is quite useless as the only thing it stops is massacre (shield and HG aside), but even poison immunes get hammered by poison attacks like Flareverns SS

I disagree with this pretty heavily. It’s scaled to not one-shot unless both targets are poisoned for most of the monsters. Only the monsters with high attack can one-shot with 1 poisoned target and they can’t even do it against the high defence enemies.

I feel the double poison eater damage is very balanced. The other moves like assassinate, defang, etc. are all scaled very well too.

I get your point about how poison also has the bypassing hold ground. That’s more talking about the power of auto-poison though. Double poison eater itself is a fine move. When it’s 200TU it’s definitely nothing special.


Yeah at 200 TU I agree. I guess I see a lot of Flarevern and other dudes like that with reduced TU.

I kinda feel like poison immunity should have extra benefit tbh because if a TM is poisoned it feels pretty useless

The better version of poison immunity is camouflage haha

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poison immunity even has a negative effect when the other player has sleep monsters

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So true. Maybe we just need to buff poison immunity


poison immunity is usually more powerful when paired with monsters that can quickly obtain shields